• Maurice Robinson

Ever heard about the Young Pioneer Movement?

The true meaning of Mentoring for African/Black children:

The Young Pioneer Movement:

- Started in 1960

- Located in Ghana

- Begin with 51 students

- Agents infiltrated the Young Pioneer Movement (YPM)

- Assassination attempts and character defamation attacked the YPM with 4 bombings

o The Kulungugu Tragedy: The infant division (Personality children) was blasted to death causing the death of a young girl and injury of President Kwame Nkrumah

o The Flagstaff House bombing killed 9 children

o Bombs blew off the legs of a young girl named Miss Oforiwa

- 3 different age groups:

o Age group 4-8 years of age (Personality children)

o Age group 8-16 (The Young Pioneers)

o Age group 17-21 (Kwame Nkrumah Youth)

- Curriculum:

o African Unity

o Political education

Educating youth of their

· History, Present conditions, and Future prospects

· Preparing a youth to erect an Africa completely liberated, united and socialist Africa.

o Character Building

o Personal Hygiene

o Weaponry

o Judo

o Physical education

Wake up at 5AM to do physical training and obstacles

Jogging (3-4 miles every morning)

Marching drills

o Karate

o Had classes the first 6 months of the year

o There was no selection process to recruit youth

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