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Black Radical Christians

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Dr. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe, is a radical professor at Eastern Christian University in St. David, PA. More importantly, she is a radical, ordained minister (in a Philadelphia church) who is diligently seeking ways to break through the “glass ceiling” of resistance that women face when it comes to ministerial and pastoral positions, due to the huge prevalence of patriarchal indoctrination (male privilege) within the Black Church.

The challenge has led this courageous Sister to start an organization in the Philly area -- Black Radical Christians -- not only to overthrow the patriarchy within the Black Church but to also:

· view Jesus as “the liberator” -- for all suppressed and oppressed people

· deconstruct and unlearn the Eurocentric interpretations of Christian theology

· embrace Black liberation theological interpretations

· make Africa central to our interpretations of all things (Christianity, Islam, etc.)

· understand the one-ness of our quest for the spiritual and secular well-being of our people (family, community, Motherland, Diaspora)

“Christianity and Pan Africanism” was the theme for Dr. Gramby-Sobukwe’s presentation on the Pan African Unity Movement’s program (January 2, 2020) on our Harambee Connection Media Network. We encourage you to visit our web site (www.harambeeconnection.net) and tune into our archives to listen to this profoundly penetrating presentation – questions, answers, opinions, et al. It is truly worth your while.


(“Tempered Radicals: Black Women’s Leadership in the Church and Community” is a profound essay co-authored by Dr. Gramby-Sobukwe with two other “Black Radical Christians” -- published in the Journal of Pan African Studies; vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 84-109. You can find it at: http://www.jpanafrican.org/docs/vol5no2/5.2Tempered.pdf.)

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