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Suppression of Pan African Actions

Pan African Unity Movement Broadcast - 4.26.18

(Audio provided below)

On this Broadcast there were a number of panelist that accompanied the Host Dr. Neal Holmes and covered some major areas of importance and awareness as it pertains to Pan-African Action throughout the diaspora.

Chapter 1: The PAUM Broadcast Introduction

Important calendar date and information and introduction to panelist and Broadcast theme.

Chapter 2: Baba Tunde -- Howard University Student Protest

Baba Tunde provides some insight to an ongoing 2-3 month student activity which protested against the misallocation and mismanagement of financial aide funds.

Many of the Students involved with this protest are in support of keeping the HBCU student experience and rich history in Pan African traditions intact and relevant amidst Government funding cutbacks.

Chapter 3: News Items & Updates provided by the Host Dr. Neal Holmes

Chapter 4: Bro. Cheik -- Brief Political History of Senegal & Pan African Actions

Bro Cheik provides a brief history of Senegal and its Pan African Agenda. History and the Political Agenda has shown that this small West African country has been a strategic front for European countries - especially France, towards implementing a colonial entity and agenda. Here Bro Cheik addresses some Pan African actions and challenges to what has been 40 years of neo-colonial Government.

Chapter 5: Sis. Jennifer Brumskine -- Liberian Immigrants & Deferred Enforcement Departure

Nearly 4,000 people have approximately one year to leave the US.

Jennifer Brumskine addresses this critical issue that is currently affecting many Liberian American families.

On March 27, 2018, President Trump, after consulting relevant executive branch agencies, issued a memorandum directing Secretary Nielsen to begin a 12-month 12-month transitional period of DED which will affect thousands of Liberian nationals to arrange for their departure from the United States, or seek an alternative lawful immigration status in the United States, if eligible, before DED ends on March 31, 2019.

The memorandum also claimed Liberia was prepared for "the return of its nationals" because it had "concluded reconstruction from prior conflicts," and "has made tremendous progress in its ability to diagnose and contain future outbreaks" of Ebola. But some advocates rejected this explanation, instead attributing the decision to racism and xenophobia.

President Trump’s decision to terminate the program is similar to the decisions he has recently made regarding DACA and Temporary protection Status (TPS) for individuals from Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua, among others.

Immigrant rights advocates lbelieve it would be “un-humanitarian and destabilizing to return people to Liberia” because they say the country wouldn’t be able to absorb an influx of immigrants. The country has made immense progress, the United Nations recently reported, but it’s still recovering from an economic slump and the Ebola outbreak between 2014 and 2015.

Chapter 6: Bro Kurt Stanley -- Building Pan African United Fronts

Here the topic of discussion focuses on the importance of building Pan African United Fronts. In order to have a stronger Pan African impact in our communities, there must be ability to put together strong unwavering groups and organizations. Before this can be done Bro Kurt expresses how this must and can be done by first building Strong families and having a strong Pan African impact on our youth.

Another part of his discussion addresses African Liberation Day and some of the activities and community events recognizing this time.

Prior to the May Broadcast

One of the challenges that Dr. Holmes presents to you prior to the next PAUM broadcast and commemoration of Malcolm X's Birthday would be to provide your answer to the following:

What is the thing you like the most, or was inspired by Malcolm X and what are you continuing, or will continue based on his examples an life's mission?

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