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Black Health Matters

“BLACK HEALTH MATTERS / Physical, Mental & Spiritual!!!”

HCLD Broadcast -- 4.19.18

In the light of our discovery that April is National Minority Health Month (NMHM) in the USA, our research into its origin and purposes led us to put together a broadcast under the theme stated above. The major factors that led us to this theme include the fact that National Negro Health Week was an annual event that existed long before NMHM, and the need to recognize the folks and factors that brought that week into existence, as well as the self-determination dynamics of Black people across this nation which made it “the longest sustained health promotion and disease prevention campaign for Black Americans in public health history” (1915-1951).

It was Dr. Booker T. Washington and his Tuskegee University team who brought National Negro Health Week into being in 1915, primarily to address the glaring disparity of effective treatment and prevention of tuberculosis within the Black population, compared to that of the nation’s total population. It evolved into a movement – the National Negro Health Movement – rooted in the conviction that health was the key to progress and equity in all other things. Washington argued: "Without health and long life, all else fails." The Movement called on local health departments, schools, churches, businesses, professional associations, and other influential organizations in the African-American community to "pull together" and “unite”. The Movement came to be placed under the auspices of the Office of Negro Health Work in the US Public Health Service, and when the move toward integration led to the dismantling of that office in 1951, the National Negro Health Movement came to an end.

Our HC LIVE & DIRECT presentation seeks to bring consciousness and respect to this history, and to the ongoing and crucial need for self-determination dynamics by the African American community for the effective confrontation of the health disparities – physical, mental and spiritual -- that continue to plague us.

In Dr. Booker T’s words,

"The future of the race depends upon the conservation of its health.”

Good life, prosperity and good health is established and maintained with good habits. As we assume certain lifestyle habits, we can definitely lock into patterns of behavior common to that lifestyle with resultant long term consequences. Unfortunately for many of us, some of the lifestyle habits embraced have become the seat of disease and conditions termed as silent killers. Proper education about "Western Diets" and its impact on its adherents is widely available today and should not be ignored.

Let us be reminded that information is knowledge and knowledge is power. We can - we must, empower ourselves on a nutritional road to long term health and wellness.

Only after extracting all of the disinformation about natural and holistic health, can you insert new laws, ideas and principles that can propel you into a way of life that is totally different from the one you now lead or embrace. That journey of holistic health and wellness requires diligence, consistency and commitment. When you follow Nature's Laws you are promised happiness, freedom from pain, sickness and chronic degenerative disease, instead of the misery, sickness starvation and death that come from living indifferently to your body's needs. Nature is and has been created to be our complete source for dietary, spiritual emotional and intellectual health, it is the source for treating the whole person. Health as the normal state in the body is easily influenced by our environment, our everyday experiences and our emotions.

"Before you change your conditions, you have to change yourself."

Healthy Living, Culture & Relationships

One of the areas covered in our presentation with regards to our health and diet, reminded us of the importance of our relationship to each other and that relation to our culture.

In Pre-Egyptian - Ancient Egyptian culture the involvement of diet was of primary importance. The importance of foods in the maintenance of spiritual, mental and physical health is well established. The quality of food and physical vitality has a direct and indirect effect on the quality of the woman/man relationship. Proper food and nutrition is the fuel that feeds the body while denatured foods weaken the body's ability to defend itself and makes the body an excellent host for dis-eases. A body thats weakened cannot be at its best while the healthier people are viable to serve the relationship.

The male/female serves Maat and Maat serves the culture.

The culture nurtures and is nurturing to the relationship.

The relationship is the seed that the culture grows from.

Maat is the term that came to be used in reference to the values, behaviors, expectations and aspirations that evolved amongst our ancient Kemetian/Egyptian ancestors in their process of being and becoming the most prolific civilization that humanity has yet known.

What is the lens that you use to relate to or see health as?

How do you define Wholistic health - What does it look like - What does it feel like?

Remember, that the way you see things is the source of the way you will think and act.


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