Harambee Connection Network Scholarship

Processing your Application

The Harambee Connection and Media Network Team is honored to provided you with an opportunity to appply for an educational scholarship. We hope that scholarship may be a means for you to benefit from as well as enhance and extend your educational endeavors.



Knowing What to Look For


To better understand the process with how to apply and what to expect please consider the following.

Your first visit has already taken you to the main page which provides you with the many links to where you need to go in order to gather supporting information along with the Scolarship Application itself. Be sure to visit the Notes to Candidates section to make certain that you can qualify prior to filling out an application. There you will find the set deadline date for submitting your application which is important. Keep in mind that solely filling out an application does not guartantee you being awarded the funding of a scholarship. Also submit your information as early as you can with as much information about yourself along with your needs and/or desire to pursue the desired course(s) and institution you select for your education.


This opportunity is currently being extended to Homeschool/Freeschool families and students to make the appropriate connection to educational resources that will assist them during the course of their school year. The Educational Providers that you will be able to select from are all offering online classes and schedules that you can make your choices from. Take out the time to find out what is your best fit as the classes, courses and curriculum are specifically constructed for the a variety of ages and grade levels - Elementary, Middle School, High School, College Prep, and Adults.


In the process of choosing an Educational Provider you are encouraged to visit their websites and contact them asap to find out any and all details on their offerings. This is just as important as filling out the application, because it will allow you to identify and target what your needs are in connection to the institutions of choice and to know what to expect from them. Some of the Eduactional Providers also provide special opportunities for large families, groups, and cooperatives, if this applies to your situation be sure to verify what considerations they will make and and how it will nbe reflected in your Application.

The Scoholarship Admins must be able to clearly identify what you are requesting in order to provide you with the best scholarship opprtunity available.



Your Application


Your application is the main part of the procees towards your chance in obtaining a scholarship. Be certain to provide whatever is necessary to allow your self the best opportunity and to let the Harambee Connection Network Team know what you are looking for, as many other applicants will be doing the same. Your supporting documents such as your Personal Statement and/or Letter of Recommendation will allow you to share pertinent details. While this scholarship is made available to various ages and grade levels, the filling out of the application can be done by the parents/guardians and students interested together. On the Aplication the designated area for student(s) is where you will place the name(s) of those who will be benefiting from the application and classes selected.


You will be able to access the Scholarship Application in two ways. On the main page you will be presented with links for filling out your application directly online, or download the application to fill out and send back to the Scholarship Admins. Both opportunities allow you to provide any additional information you find necessary to better your chances of being awarded a sholarship. Only one scholarship per approved applicant will be awarded. Be sure to specify your Educational Provider and choice of classes or resources desired.



The Awarding Process


The Harambee Connection Network Scholarship Admin team will review all aplications submitted and from there the appropriate selections for recipients will be made. The number of initial scholarships awarded will be based on the amount of funds recieved by donations and contributions. The selections of recipients for the scholarship will also be baseds on the choices of classes, courses and curriculum chosen and the financial requirements of the selected institutions. Remember the awarded scholarships will be made available based on the degree of need as presented by you the applicant.


Once an application has been selected by the Scholarship Admins, a web conference meeting will be established to further communicate and complete the awarding process. If you have been selected at that time as a recipient you will be contacted with a notification of approval and the institution that you have selected will be notified by the Admins as well. The funds that are required by your selected instituion will be forwarded direclty to them completeing your scholarship distribution. (No funds will be made available directly to the applicants, any and all scholarship funding will be made available directly to the Educational Providers from the Harambee Connection and Network Team.) It wil be the responsibility of you the recipient to complete the necessary registration and requirements of your selected Educational Provider to participate in your classes and more.



If you have any questions during the application process please be sure to visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us there.


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