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The Visions and Victories Editorial Policy and Guidelines


The Visions and Victories newsletter -- Voices from the World African Community for Excellence and Success -- is a publication of  The Harambee Connection, an organization whose core purpose is to promote the greatest good for the greatest numbers of our world African Community. Through this publication we endeavor to provide you with new and challenging perspectives and up-to-date information to inspire and guide our continuing work for the building and strengthening of our families and homes throughout our world community.



This publication was first established in a hard copy format in October 2007 to address the issues facing the African-descended rural community of Amelia Courthouse, Virginia, U.S.A.
A variety of factors led us to opt for this online format in January 2011, and the broadening of our focus, with the ambition of making a positive difference with a larger number of positive, liberated and liberating, sons and daughters of our Motherland and Diaspora communities.

Visions and Victories strives to reflect a wide range of opinion and analysis on issues that affect African people. We encourage debate as long as there are good editorial reasons and life-enhancing potentials for doing so. We also welcome reviews of books relevant to our issues, as well as reports, research findings and other pertinent announcements.

We welcome and encourage your comments, and invite you to submit articles that communicate the Visions & Victories of African people, organizations and communities in your area, in our ongoing quest for the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of life that the Great Spirit within compels and empowers us to pursue. Authors submit their respective articles to Visions and Victories voluntarily. We do not pay for unsolicited articles.

Articles accepted for publication are selected on the basis of their timeliness and relevance relative to the economic, political, educational, social, cultural and spiritual well-being of African-descended people anywhere throughout the world.

Articles should be submitted as Word attachments to e-mail, or in the text of e-mail. Graphics or photos accompanying articles must be submitted in high resolution format. Articles may vary in length from 800 words to 1,400 words and should include a brief author biographical sketch (name, title, affiliation, address, and phone number) as a sign of good faith.


Editorial Procedures

Although attempts are made to preserve the author's writing style, Visions and Victories has the right to edit for style, clarity, space allotment, and to make final selection on headlines, subheads, and graphic treatment.



Readers are at the heart of the Visions and Victories enterprise; therefore reader feedback is invaluable to us with respect to improving the quality, expanding creative possibilities and maximizing the public value of our presentations. This is done through comments on the respective article buttons, emails, or letters to the editor.



Visions and Victories will not sell, rent, swap or authorize any other third party to use your email address without your permission. This also applies to any information that identifies you.





The responsibility for accuracy remains with the author. The opinions and information in bylined articles in Visions and Victories are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of The Harambee Connection nor the editors or staff of Visions and Victories.



The Harambee Connection and the Visions and Victories management do not necessarily endorse the views of respective companies whose adverts appear in our publication.


Conditions for Republishing

We welcome republishing of our articles by other media on condition that they credit Visions and Victories and the respective authors. For regular citations from our publication, you are encouraged to enter into a memorandum of understanding with us.



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