As a recipient of the Harambee Connection Network Scholarship, you will have the opportunity to participate in some Afrikan Centered online classes; you will receive personalized attention from dedicated educators; you will be able to supplement your homeschooling experience,  and connect to some needed resources and curriculum.


Our scholarship enrollment process is straight forward and personal. We have provided you with additional information to assist you throughout the application process.  Visit the General Information page to understant the application process and what to expect. You can also Contact us by email for further assistance.

While you have the opportunity to enroll in this scholarship at your convenience, remember that many others are also applying for the same opportunity and what is awarded may be limited, so we recommend that you apply early!

About the Harambee Connection Scholarship

Take the first steps toward obtaining your Afrikan Centered Education Scholarship today!


You can begin by clicking on the appropriate category below to learn more about what you need to do to complete your application and how to be prepared for when the applications become available..

(The processing of newApplications will be made available by the end of the 2016 Summer)

Scholarship Application

On behalf of the 2015 Fall sumester Student/Families that have been awarded a Harambee Connection Network Scholarship, we would like to say

Thank You - Meda ase - dWa U - Asante Sana


The scholarships that are provided here are established to become supplement or a direct means to the financial responsibility to many families that have an urgent need and desire to provide the type of Afikan Centered Resoureces that will become a lasting benefit in the area of Education and Support.


The Harambee Connection is greatful for this opportunity to be a part of such an endeavor, but at the same time we can't do this alone. That is why this platform is provided so that You can be a part of the Ujamaa - Cooperative Economic effort to continue to make this areality for many.


The next phase of this scholarship process will be made available by the end of the 2016 Summer. This will provide the opportunity for recipients that would be prparing for the Fall sessions of online classes and activities to be able to participate once again.

For the Applicants

Harambee Connection Network Scholarship