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The Harambee Connection

"The Harambee Connection" is a Literary/Educational Non Profit Organization dedicated to providing the resources and connections to African Centered Education; based on the Principles and Foundations of the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles) of Kwanzaa - The Divine Laws and Principles of Maat - Our Virtues and the teachings of Our Sacred Afrikan Way that centers us with the ongoing fulfillment and focus that propels the Afrikan Soul towards the greatest good of Afrikan Liberation.

Mxolisi Ozosowande

Minister Mxolisi Ozo-Sowande is senior minister emeritus of the Wo'se Community House of Amen Ra: The Sacred African Way, Oakland CA. He has studied, internalized and celbrated the Kwanzaa/Nguzo Saba tradition since 1967. He was the driving force in making this tradition an integral part of the teachings of Wo'se, its worship celebration and collective way of life since that Community's inception in Decmber 1980. Baba Mxolisi is currently the Elder and Co-Director of The Harambee Connection Non Profit Organiztion and Extended Community.

The Harambee Connection

"The Harambee Connection" presents to you "The HC Media Network" an interdpendent platform of Audio/Video Broadcasts and Team Members which provide you with the appreciation and provisions to:

Know Thy Self within the tools, aspirations and connections to Afrikan Centered Education - Health/Wellness -  Building Stronger Afrikan Families & Relationships - Liberal Arts - Social & Current Events - News - Resources and more...


The Harambee Connection also gives to you "The HC Live & Direct" Radio Broadcast & Host platform - which is the Voice of Umoja that communicates directly to you the listeners and members of the family with the teachings, inspirations and definitions of Liberation and Empowerment centered within Afrikan Conscious Thought, Spirituality and Action.


Amenseph JP Wks

Baba Amenseph is the Guardian Director of "The Harambee Connection" and Administrative Host of "The HC Media Network" and team members. Baba Amenseph is an Author and Voice of the Sacred Afrikan Way and is a dedicated student/researcher of Afrikan Historiography, Culture and Spirituality. He is the Co-Founder of The Harambee Connection Non Profit Org. and is dedicated to providing resources and connections to Afrikan Centerd Education and is a practitioner in Holistic Care Management.

Pan Afrikan Unity Movement

"The Pan African Unity Movement" is a Community Based Organization in Richmond VA. seeeking to promote education while building conscious awareness to the African condition throughout the Diaspora, while providing solutions for development towards political/economical actions through organizing.

Dr. Neal Holmes

Brother Holmes is a political science professor at Virginia State University. His academic experiences include; the teaching of political science and African-American history at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania; directing the Afro-American Studies Program at the University of Akron; and directing the Call Me MISTER program at Longwood University, Farmville, VA. Additionally, he is past president of the Liberian Studies Association; member of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and the National Council of Black Studies; Currently the Director of the Pan Afrikan Unity Movement of Richmond VA.


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