The Harambee Connection Media Network Site


This is more than just a social network, as the aim here is to create a medium and source that provides you with the connection to resources and information that is beneficial to our individual and collective communities.


We cannot continue to allow improper/broken values and concepts to mold our Afrikan thoughts and visions. Therefore we must bring to life the thoughts and visions that will enable us to strive for excellence in all that we do.  For far too long, there has been enough deception and misdirection that has been at the forefront of influence in our homes and communities.


The Ashanti Proverb states - "The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people"


It is our responsibility to reconcile and construct the information and values necessary to promote our own self worth.  As in the Husia we can use the reference that says that we must enter into the plain paths of MAAT - the way of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness, for its value is lasting and has remained unequaled and unchanged since the time of its creator.


The Harambee Connection Media Network  is here to connect you with the input and resources of a conscious community; that will enable you to embrace productive information and support for your needs and goals; that will aid in the ability to constructively work with others; to creatively inform, communicate and position each other to bring about proactive results. 


We must pull together and connect, because there is a meltdown in general society, financially - educationally - culturally and spiritually. We need to keep, and support each other. We need to continue to build and maintain our communities, so as to not fall apart and continually be alienated and defeated amidst crisis, change and productivity.